The Williamson Herald
Kerri Bartlett, Managing Editor

According to a few seemingly odd studies cited by Vanderbilt University political science professor Marc Hetherington, liberals like cats more, while conservatives prefer dogs, he said at the recent FrankTalks series, “Political Trust and The Origins of Deep Divisions in Our Country.”

A liberal is more likely to order a veggie burger, or curry chicken with biryani rice, where as a conservative prefers a hamburger and whose favorite meal is most likely meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans, Hetherington said, according to

Liberals also watch less sports.

According to Hetherington, these seemingly trivial preferences seem to be linked to one’s worldview, and one’s worldview seems to dramatically affect one’s political views and how one votes at the polls.

Because worldviews are so personal and intertwined with every aspect of one’s life, Hetherington says this is the reason political differences are becoming so difficult to resolve.

Hetherington says America is divided within it’s political system, and people are having difficult time understanding each other.

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