7/20/11-The City of Franklin is apologizing to customers who have to experience the unusual taste and odor in our water system recently.

This is a natural occurrence in Middle Tennessee as water utilities in Nashville and surrounding areas are experiencing similar problems during this extremely hot summer. Although the water may smell unpleasant, it is safe to consume.

The Franklin Water Management department has stepped up the carbon treatment to address the algae bloom causing the odor and taste. We have also been flushing lines throughout the system to help get the affected water out of the system. We appreciate your patience while we work to alleviate the problem, it does take some time. If you still feel your problem is unusual, please call our Water Management Department at 794-4554 to report your problem and exact location in the City so that we can concentrate our efforts in affected areas.

Franklin Water Management Department has two sources of treated water. These sources include the Franklin Water Treatment Plant and the Harpeth Valley Utility District (HVUD). Changes to taste and odor were originally detected in the southern part of the city which is served primarily from the Franklin Water Treatment Plant. Plant staff has adjusted treatment to address this issue and crews have been flushing lines to remove affected water.

There have also been reports over the last two days that a similar taste and odor is being experienced in the northern parts of the district, primarily served with water purchased from HVUD. Their water is treated from the Cumberland River. This is consistent with the presence of algal blooms in the Cumberland River and reports of taste and odor issues in Nashville and surrounding areas. The Franklin Treatment Plant and the HVUD have both stepped up treatment with carbon to remove taste and odor associated with algae.

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